An Alphabet for Danilo Kiš

Academy Outside, the building combines grandeur and quirky charm. At the intersection of several streets in the heart of Belgrade, its foursquare mass is lightened by bands of coloured stone, like confectionery; by decorations on the façade with flavours of Secession and Art Nouveau; and by expanses of glass, mirroring pedestrians below and the sky

Danilo Kiš—A Remembrance

It is a person’s duty, especially if he or she is a writer–and you’ll say I sound like an old man here–to depart from this world leaving behind not work (work is everything) but some kind of kindness, some degree of awareness. Every written word is like genesis… Science and history cannot replace poetry. –Danilo

Fragments About Kiš

Once, just before midnight, he burst in unannounced, something he didn’t customarily do. He had just returned from Paris. In his hand he held a copy of Duga. Have you read this? I shook my head. So many nasty anti-Semitic statements. Why is no one reacting to it? Why are you all keeping silent? I